A Similitude of Heaven

Imagine this scene – A gathering of people from around the world coming together for one common purpose. There are multiple generations, ethnic groups and languages. Among this gathering are those who are infirmed, those who have been healed, and those who have vigorous health. All those gathered are effusively joyful; smiling and talkative. Many […]

God Is Faithful

Thirty years ago, on 02/11/87, I received the second greatest gift I could ever receive in a lifetime — Tamara Lynn’s hand in marriage. Standing side-by-side in her mother’s living room, we pledged our love and commitment to one another in covenant vows. As I look back over these 30 years, it is breathtaking to […]

3 Years Face 2 Face

Three years ago in a non-descript civil affairs office in Guangzhou, China, Tammy and I met Liu Ling Xiang (Ragan) and Yang Le Shi (Renee) for the first time. Face to face. What had been a dream that turned into a goal that turned into a paper pregnancy … became reality. The two souls we wondered about, […]


So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that is was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise…   If I just had that winning Powerball ticket. 806 million dollars in cash value. O my, the wonders! There is so […]

To Rob and Allison – The Day After (Your Wedding Day)

The Day. The wedding day. Two people who have expressed their love to each other in words, song, gifts, looks and touches will now seal their love in the highest form possible – marriage. Rob and Allison will be become one. As we look forward to your wedding day this Saturday, (and finally meeting you, […]

Grief and Love – 18 Months

We have now been home for 18 months with our Chinese princesses. Ragan and Renee are fully immersed in life in America. Their world is still small, but growing more every day. We continue to marvel that we have the privilege of being their Mama and Baba. The joy of having our girls is without […]