His Mercies Never Come To An End …

The new Hobbit movie has the subtitle ‘An Unexpected Journey’. Bilbo sits down at his desk and begins to pen his journey that was quite unexpected. And quite adventurous!

This year Tammy and I set out on a long-anticipated journey. We have had a desire to adopt for years and had a couple possibilities along the way that did not materialize. We now look back and see that as God’s mercy. The desire never departed.

This year we set out once more on a journey to subtract a child from the ranks of the fatherless. From the very beginning we saw God’s hand move in so many ways. That movement included the providential arrangement for us to pursue two children. Though we were already matched with Ling Xiang, God’s timing allowed us to be matched with Le Shi just in time to get a letter of approval for both girls from China. Mercy.

Since our approval, preparation and waiting we have watched love being poured out through financial gifts, gifts for the girls, interior decorating, furniture, wise counsel, encouragement, prayer… It has been amazing. It was God’s hand of mercy and providence.

As we celebrate the incarnation of Jesus and ponder the mercies we have experienced this year we are reminded of Romans 8:32. We have already been mercied beyond what we could ever ask for or know to ask for. Though we continually revel in that greatest gift, our salvation, we fretted over lesser things, like raising the ‘enormous’ amount of adoption funding needed. God showed Himself faithful. And merciful. He did it.

As I write this we are approximately 32 days away from traveling to get our girls. We could never thank everyone enough for all that has been done to bring Ragan Ling Xiang and Renee Le Shi home. Ultimately we thank God for moving His people to love us and our girls the way they have. We can’t wait to bring them home, and for them to meet all those who have loved them home. His mercies never come to an end.  Lam. 3:22

A long-anticipated journey and great adventure. Hold on Renee and Ragan, we’re coming.

Joy To The World (Future of Forestry) http://bit.ly/UYVH3u

Merry Christmas.


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