At Long Last …

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What seemed to be so far has now drawn near. On March 11, 2012 we drew a line in the sand declaring that we were going to adopt a child. Domestic or Foreign. Race was not an issue. Special needs was not an issue except for certain circumstances. Age was an issue only because of our age. We asked God to direct our path. He answered.

That path ignited with the discovery that we could adopt from China though we had surpassed the half-century mark. That path started with an immediate draw to a then 12-year-old girl named Ling Xiang. That path brought an unexpected blessing of a second girl named Le Shi. Then there was DTC – LID – LOA – NVC – Article 5 – TA – CA.

Now we are eight days away from two flights and a train ride to Guangzhou City, China. In twelve days we will finally meet them face-to-face. In nineteen days they will be American citizens, and our daughters. At long last we will complete the journey to bring Renee Le Shi and Ragan Ling Xiang home. At long last. Yet the path will be just beginning …

Psalm 16:11


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