Day 1 and 2 – Travel to Guangzhou

 Made it to Hong Kong We finally made it to Hong Kong!

We’re here. In Guangzhou. Our two Air Canada flights were quite smooth with a short layover in Toronto. The Boeing 777 flight into Hong Kong was long as expected, but the service was good. Once in Hong Kong we ran into a bit of a snag. All direct trains to Guangzhou were sold out. (we found out later that this is the case due to Chinese New Year coming up which has a large amount of people coming in and going out of the country) We took a bus (wrong one), a taxi, a train, then another ‘taxi’ to Guangzhou.

We arrived at the Garden Hotel at 11 pm. An angel appeared before us in the form of our guide, Rebecca. She helped us get settled in and gave us some brief instructions. Tired to the point of delirium, we took showers and fell into bed. No problems sleeping. The accommodations are outstanding. Tammy was delighted with the heated toilet seat.

We are thankful to be here and thankful to God for His mercy, even at our moments of frustration between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. He is good. All the time.


The view of Guanghzhou from our room.

Those of you who know our Skype address, try to ring us up. We are leaving it open even though we are in and out of our room.


8 thoughts on “Day 1 and 2 – Travel to Guangzhou

  1. Hi Mr. Jim and Mom Schaubroeck! I just wanted you to know how excited I am for you!!! I’m checking your blog all the time and praying for you both! I can’t wait to meet the girls!!!! Love you very much!!! 🙂

  2. I am so anxious to follow your journey! We are in the paper chase phase of adopting a 12 year old from china. She was abandoned at 8 years of age and placed in foster care. I hope to get a little glimpse of what we might expect down the road!

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