Home Sweet Home

Words that have been oft repeated to those who return from their journey to a far-off land to bring home their sons and daughters. Home Sweet Home. We are thankful to be back. And oh how sweet the greeting was when we returned! Our children, grandchildren, church family and friends gave us a huge welcome at the airport. Signs in Chinese for the girls, flowers and gifts for the girls, and lots of hugs and greetings for us.

Then came the WOW. When we walked into our house there was shock and awe in virtually every room. Newly cleaned carpets. House cleaned top to bottom. Two vans in the driveway washed and vacuumed. Freshly painted shelf and front porch rocking chairs. Chinese New Year decorations in the doorway from the living room to the dining room. Stuffed dogs on the dining room table, each with a pouch of gift cards from various stores. A large basket of goodies next to the sink. A bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers on the other side of the sink. A NEW microwave on the counter next to the flowers…

…. A pantry stuffed with food and drink. A refrigerator stuffed with food and drink. An auxiliary refrigerator filled with goodies. A detailed schedule of dinners to be delivered sitting next to the coffee pot. Our supply of human fuel will last for quite awhile!

A trip upstairs to the Renee and Ragan’s room was the next astounding experience. Custom-designed window treatments in the bedroom and bathroom. Custom-designed shower curtain to match the window treatments. Chinese New Year decorations and a picture frame with Chinese artwork drawn by Ocean Saywack. Quilts of Chinese design taylor-made by Jan Bennett. A room arranged with eye-popping color for the girls. No doubt there are other things we have yet to discover, but we are amazed and humbled.

All in all, an overwhelming tidal wave of love from those who have walked, talked, prayed, gave, stalked and propped us up during this entire journey. The girls are soaking it all in. We cannot understand all that they are chattering about in Mandarin, but we see a light in their eyes that lets us know they are blown away to some measure with all these things.

Now we start honeymooning and cocooning with our girls. Our sleep patterns are out of sorts at the moment, and we have various appointments and details to shore up from our trip. Our journey begins in earnest to bond with Renee and Ragan, to bring them to a cursory understanding of home life, force-feed English (just kidding on the ‘force’ part) and to enjoy their company. Please pray for us to learn to love them the way each of them need, and draw them out of their life of loss to a life of family fullness and permanence.


7 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Love you guys!! I wish I could have watched you walking around the house, finding new treasures. I love the treasure of the memory the best. Hope you guys got a boost of encouragement, “soul fuel,” lasting you longer than the “human fuel.”

  2. Love Love reading about this and so thankful you are home. Praying for the bonding to continue by the creator of hearts! We love you 4!

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