If I Don’t Learn English, Can I Go Back to China?

如果我不学英语,我可以回中国吗? Yes, we anticipated that question (or a form of it). Surprisingly, Renee is the one who asked that question yesterday. She was placed in an orphanage, but that was home. That was familiar. That was her world. It is now gone.

Ragan has stated that she wants to go back to China or has asked when she gets to go back. We anticipated this from her as she was very attached to her foster mama. She has been demonstrably agitated over not being able to return to her home. Somewhere she got the idea then once she turned 14 she could return.

We patiently explained to both of them that it is impossible for them to go back, and that they are now American citizens. We have reiterated to them that we are their mama and baba now, and are so thankful for that privilege. We told them we understand it must be very difficult to come to a strange country with strange people and leave your friends, your culture, and your way of life behind.

We can identify with their anxiety a little. After we were in China for ten days we were SO ready to get home. Home to the familiar. Our people, our culture and comforts. We are now home. The girls have been in America longer than we were in China. Naturally they are SO ready to go home.

But this is home.  It will be awhile before it feels like home. Maybe a long while. That’s OK. We will love you both to pieces all the way to the day when you are babbling away in 英语  .


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