One Month


Renee Le Shi and Ragan Ling Xiang have now been home in the U.S. for thirty days. What a wonderful adventure it has been for us to finally have our girls home from China.

But what do they think?

We had our first post-adoption report last week. Part of that report was a 6-question essay for each of the girls to answer. We thought we would let them speak for themselves. The questions were asked by and answered to a friend who is Chinese.

Question 1 – What has been your experience so far in your adoptive family?

  • Renee Le Shi – I have been really happy. But I have been arguing with Ling. I got my ears pierced.
  • Ragan Ling Xiang – I have been arguing with my parents. I got my ears pierced. I am really naughty.

Question 2 – How have you grown as part of your family?

  • Renee Le Shi – My parents have been really nice to me. I think they are my parents now.
  • Ragan Ling Xiang – I don’t think we are family.

Question 3 – Where do you attend school?  [both answered “home school”]

Question 4 – How are you doing in school?

  • Renee Le Shi – I’ve been working hard on English. I’ve improved.
  • Ragan Ling Xiang – I have improved in English.

Question 5 – How are you getting along with your teachers and classmates? [this question was not answered for obvious reasons]

Question 6 – What other information would you like to share?

  • Renee Le Shi – I’m really good at home. We’ve eaten a lot of noodles.
  • Ragan Ling Xiang – We eat a lot of noodles. But Mom has cooked some different food. But we don’t really like it.



One thought on “One Month

  1. We adopted our daughter from Colombia three years ago when she was 7. She has expressed a desire to return to Colombia ever since. At first she refused to learn English because it was (in her words ) “yucky.” Fortunately, she has bonded well with our family and although she still desires to return to Colombia, she wants our whole family to move there (instead of her just returning). I would not be surprised if she returned to Colombia when she is an adult.

    I am praying for you and your girls. As you have expressed, adoption is not just about gaining a family, it is also about losing things that are familiar. Praying that your girls will truly begin to feel like they belong in your family and that the feelings of loss will lessen.

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