One Year (ago)

Ling Xiang

On March 11, 2012 David and LeighAnn Pruiksma stood behind the pulpit at Berachah Bible Church to give us a final update and bid us farewell as they prepared to leave for China to bring home Linnea. On that day Tammy and I drew a line in the sand.

We had adoption on our hearts virtually our whole marriage. The thought, the feeling, the burden had its ebb and flow over the years. That burden grew as we saw the example of John and Noel Piper in their adoption of Talitha, were challenged by Russell Moore’s book Adopted for Life, and were growing intimately in our understanding of our adoption by God in Christ.

On March 11, 2012 the conviction of our role in God’s care for the fatherless was clear to both of us. We were to adopt. We were to add to our family and subtract from the world’s staggering total of orphans.

And so the journey began. After selecting Lifeline Children’s Services as our adoption agency we were drawn to and were sent files on four different children. As I journaled on March 14, “How do you pick just one?” After reading and praying is was evident that we were drawn to ‘Genevieve’, who everyone now knows as Ragan Ling Xiang. We were told the process would take 12 – 15 months.

And here we are. After a year of paperchasing, fundraising, studying, preparing, rearranging our home, traveling to and returning from China, our conviction and desire became reality. Not only that, in God’s providence He gave us an extra blessing of a second child, Renee Le Shi. A double-blessing. Two more children in our family. Two less orphans in the world. What a difference a year makes!

renee and ragan feeding ducks


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