Three Months

DSC01413Today marks the three month anniversary of meeting our girls face-to-face for the very first time. The first time we saw, heard, touched, spoke to and experienced Renee Le Shi and Ragan Ling Xiang in person. The first time chosen love was experienced in the flesh.

We have the wonder and joy of watching these two lives draw nearer to us, learn, grow, and become folded in to our family. No matter the challenge, we are humbled and encouraged in our desire to be good stewards of the two lives God has entrusted to us.

We thought it would be fun to introduce our girls to you by sharing some their traits and personalities.

Renee Le Shi   (birthday – July 6th)

  • Left-handed (though she can write with both hands)
  • Speaks Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Has grown 2″ since coming home
  • Enjoys art – is amazing with paint and origami (though coloring is not a strong suit)
  • Has a great curiosity about new things
  • Is getting a good grasp on conversational English (using short, complete sentences)
  • Has an empathetic, sweet heart. Also has a servant heart
  • Does not care so much for school (though this is improving)
  • Does not care for chocolate
  • Has an infectious laugh
  • Her favorite movie is Snow White
  • Is fascinated with the crucifixion story
  • Overall seems content with her new life

Ragan Ling Xiang  (birthday – September 23rd)

  • Right-handed
  • Speaks Mandarin only
  • Our ‘Chinese Turbo’ is full speed the minute her feet hit the floor in the morning
  • Enjoys coloring and some art projects (completed a latch hook rug in record time)
  • Loves our pets (though she takes some joy in torturing the cat)
  • Has an incredible appetite (loves fried chicken and fruit)
  • Does not hide her mood or emotions
  • Loves listening to music
  • Can talk for minutes on end, only coming up briefly for air
  • Is not shy when meeting new people
  • Her favorite movie is any movie that is playing
  • Does well academically; struggles a bit more than Renee with English
  • Has adjusted well after a rocky start, and is much happier with life these days

Both girls have adjusted well to life here. They have learned that there is plenty of food and they don’t have to hoard food or swallow it whole. They are feeling much more comfortable in their home, discovering toys and things they can play with or use. They have been to church for five weeks in a row and are getting used to the mechanics of the morning service. They are putting together family connections, displaying some appropriate manners (long way to go on those) and enjoying our displays of affection.

Though there are myriads of daily challenges with learning, cultural adjustment, language barrier and such, it is an incredible blessing to have our new daughters in our home. We love them so very much and can’t imagine life without them. God’s mercy has been abundant. The prayers of God’s people have been abundant. And effectual. All glory belongs to our heavenly Father who chose us and adopted us. Our reflection of that mercy in this life with the girls is but a mere shadow of the greatness of His love for us in Jesus.


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