< One Week = 1 Less Orphan


Tomorrow our friends David and Leighann will once again fly to China. They will return with Abbie. In less than one week there will be one less orphan among the world’s fatherless. In less than one week their quiver will increase to five precious children. Linnea will have a sister of her heritage. Nathan, Luke and Ethan will have another sister to love and share life with in America. Abbie will have a Mama and Baba. A forever family.

Why do they do this? What motivates them to choose to love another child that does not know them? What is the end goal of bringing a child from halfway around the world into a culture, language and way of life they do not know? The micro reasons are many, all of which I may not know. But I am comfident of their macro reason. It is the gospel. The good news of Jesus Christ and His supremacy over all things.

Perhaps this will sum it up better than I ever could (19 minutes) —


Happy trails, David and Leighann. We look forward to your return. God is good.


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