4th of July – 2014

Happy 4th!  We celebrated our nation’s birthday with our family tradition – a trip to Frog Hollow. That is the home/mountain resort of Tammy’s sister Sharon in Hendersonville, NC.  Frog Hollow is a multi-sensory experience of sight sound and smell — flowers, Carolina blue sky, bees, dogs, frogs, pond water splashing, children laughing, grill delicacies and coffee….

In the midst of the greetings, conversations, picture-taking, World Cup soccer, jig saw puzzles, horse shoes and fishing, Ragan and Renee were fully engaged. Ragan sported a bit of a ‘tude due to a comment from her sister. Both of them tried their hand at fishing, badminton, canoeing and paddle-boat. Ragan is thrilled to be surrounded by four dogs. Renee is drawn to the plethora of flowers Aunt Sharon has planted over the years and takes picture after picture of each new flower she finds. Both girls inquire about the relational connection of each person, attempting to weave together this large group of people we call family.

The day included a trip to Brevard to enjoy the 42nd annual July 4th street festival. Booths and stages line the downtown streets that range from jewelry makers, political party hawkers, a live band and food vendors. After chowing on Philly cheese steaks and chicken tenders we visited a couple of the specialty shops, including O.P. Taylor’s (the coolest toy store on the planet). After a stop at Wal-Mart for supplies we headed back to Frog Hollow.

We enjoyed a hot dog dinner and some water fun before loading up the cars once more to head back to Brevard. The evening finale was a fireworks show hosted at Brevard College. Ragan and Renee soaked it all in and seemed to enjoy the show and the day’s activities. It is such a joy to observe them observing life and all its fullness… as Americans.

DSC05096 DSC05113



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