So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that is was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise…


If I just had that winning Powerball ticket. 806 million dollars in cash value. O my, the wonders! There is so much I could do. It would be so incredible for me to solve so many problems and bring about tremendous long-term blessings for so many.

  • I could set aside $25,000,000 for each of my children in a trust fund. They wouldn’t have to worry about the future!
  • I could set aside $10,000,000 for each of my grandchildren in a trust fund. Their futures would be set.
  • There are so many wonderful ministries in need of funds! I could contribute $1,000,000 to 100 different ministries.
  • There are some solid conservative congressmen that could really use a boost for this year’s election cycle. I could spread $5,000,000 to these worthy candidates.
  • Not only would there be no debt worries, I have so many friends that I could help out by alleviating their debt to free up their finances to save and give more themselves.
  • What about the poor in third-world countries without an economic opportunity? I could collaborate with established businessmen with micro-financing in those areas of largest need. Perhaps $100,000,000 given to this endeavor would give so many people hope!
  • There are so many missionaries that are worthy workmen, but so under-supported. I could contribute a few million dollars toward their support to relieve them of their support-raising woes.
  • Oh how my heart breaks for all the world’s orphans. And how many families would be willing to adopt if only they had the funding? Perhaps if I gave $40,000,000 toward adoption, that would help 1000 families bring home a child.

After all that, I would still have so much left. I wouldn’t have to worry about retirement or medical bills. I would finally have time to take lessons, study or pursue those things I cannot right now due to lack of time. I would not want for anything, and my right hand would not need to know what my left hand was doing. What a difference I could make!

…she ate of its fruit.



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