Happy Birthday to Our New Teen … (?)

Today we celebrate Renee’s 13th birthday. “Say what?” Yes, we did celebrate Renee’s 14th  birthday last year. Perhaps a little explaining will help. It seems that most people in China do not celebrate their birthdays on their birthday. It is common for Chinese children to not know their actual birthday, but they know what year […]

17 Months

Seventeen months ago Ragan and Renee became U.S. citizens. Four final signatures on the last piece of a mound of paper changed four lives forever. At that moment in the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China, the lives of two Chinese girls were rerouted to a new land and climate, people group, language, culture, life and […]

4th of July – 2014

Happy 4th!  We celebrated our nation’s birthday with our family tradition – a trip to Frog Hollow. That is the home/mountain resort of Tammy’s sister Sharon in Hendersonville, NC.  Frog Hollow is a multi-sensory experience of sight sound and smell — flowers, Carolina blue sky, bees, dogs, frogs, pond water splashing, children laughing, grill delicacies […]

Six Months

When we stop to think that our girls have now been home with us for six months, all we can say is — wow. Wow. That one word can be an expression of so many things. No doubt Tammy and I would both express different aspects of the ‘wow’ of our lives now. Our girls […]

Four Months

On February 6th we arrived back home from China with Renee Le Shi and Ragan Ling Xiang. Our two new daughters. Two souls that we were already in love with. Two lives that had been disrupted in unknown ways and cast among the many world orphans. Two children that now have a home, a mom, […]

< One Week = 1 Less Orphan

Tomorrow our friends David and Leighann will once again fly to China. They will return with Abbie. In less than one week there will be one less orphan among the world’s fatherless. In less than one week their quiver will increase to five precious children. Linnea will have a sister of her heritage. Nathan, Luke and Ethan […]

Three Months

Today marks the three month anniversary of meeting our girls face-to-face for the very first time. The first time we saw, heard, touched, spoke to and experienced Renee Le Shi and Ragan Ling Xiang in person. The first time chosen love was experienced in the flesh. We have the wonder and joy of watching these […]